The Colonel’s Teepee


by Rawclyde!


Col. Sheena Johnson

U.S. Army legend

Sets-up a teepee above Pluckame

High on the mountain ridge


Here she hones her arrowheads

& prays to St. Joan of Arizona

Her ex-Taliban husband Habibullah



Young enchantress Mamoodia

The other Sufi archer of Pluckame


Her bow vibrant & arrows a quiver


Life in a Sufi bubble

Has it’s ups & downs

But mostly it floats

Miracles often occur



Sheena becomes so angelic

She sprouts wings

Every curve of her body



And Habibullah swears



To heaven 


Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II


To Thwart The Jihadist Insurgents

I would love to see Sufism in Afghanistan & Hinduism in India get a choke hold on the Wahhabi Movement in Pakistan & kill it.  Peace would be more likely in the region.  This is what I would most cherish after researching, reporting on, and poetically allying myself with Afghanistan for about a year now.

Most of the Christians out of the United States & Europe are getting out of the way & going home.  The Afghan National Army & Police & citizens of Afghanistan stay.  They stay & fight for their freedom & fledgling democracy.  They fight the Wahhabi-tainted & intolerant Taliban.  What’s going to take place in Afghanistan now will be, to say the very least, interesting ~ and, alas, bloody.

The religious connotations of the ongoing Afghanistan War, I believe, cannot be denied.  I believe matters of spirituality cannot be denied anywhere.  But I’ve never been to war as an individual, just a citizen of a nation gone to war.  Being an American, this is a common thing for my countrymen & me.

It will be nice ~ when the Taliban succumb to the efforts for peace & become monks somewhat like they were originally.  I’m sure most people don’t believe this will happen.  But I pray.

Old Timer Chronicle II, this blog, has been covering the Afghanistan War for a wee bit more than a year, from September, 2013, to October, 2014. Some research of the war’s earlier years has been included.  Sufism, a version of Islam popular amongst Afghans, is explored & Hinduism, out of India, is touched upon.  Some of St. Paul’s work represents Christianity on this blog.  Wahhabism, a blood-thirsty perversion of Islam,  can be explored on a link or two.  My favorite TV news commentators, Alex Wagner & Harris Faulkner, dropped by a few times via my shenanigans.

Today Old Timer Chronicle II has 90 subscribers.  It was removed from the forum some time ago.  By whom?  Why?  Maybe the NSA is doing its job protecting U.S. citizens, like myself, from blood-letting Jihadists.

Also, I wrote a narrative verse that consists of forty episodes entitled “Afghaneeland” in this issue of the Old Timer.  I’ve promoted it as Afghanistan’s new Iliad.  That makes me the Homer of Afghanistan.  Ain’t that somethin’?  I’ve never been there.

Among the characters that evolved out of my poetical efforts on this blog, thrives the young Afghan woman, Mamoodia.  She’s an idealistic, unrealistic, but promising, beautiful character, evolved out of Nuristan province.  Now she endures in the world of literature ~ to thwart unscrupulous Taliban ~ forever!


Young Afghan Mamoodia pulls an arrow out of her quiver



Yours truly



Flying Booger


by Rawclyde!


“Why do you look so close, so long

At this twilight sleeper’s face?” asks Mamoodia

Of Ollie who sits forever on my chest & peers

Up the nose of my unmoving physical self


“Because,” says little Ollie to his most beautiful cousin

“A tiny man on a magic carpet flies in & out

The sleeper’s crooked nose & I wanna know where he goes

So I can catch him & keep him in a jar”


Meanwhile below the floating Afghaneeland bubble

In the bubble-blowing war-torn land of Afghanistan

Those Afghans with Sufi arrows stuck in the tops of their heads

Wonder why they cannot remove the protruding feathered sticks


“Oh Ollie,” says Mamoodia to her little curious cousin

“Why must you imprison in a jar

This tiny man on his tiny carpet?

Why not let him be, flying around happy & free?”


Little Ollie looks up at bedazzling Mamoodia

Her naked navel nibbles at his little-boy eyes ’til

His soul is a bowl of pudding in Mamoodia’s hands

& Ollie cries out, “he is a flying booger!”


Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2014


Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II


Sufi Arrows



Endless subterfuge becomes entwined in the Afghan run-off election

The Karzai government fires half the election committee

Replaces them with ballot-box-stuffing secret agents

Front-runner Abdullah Abdullah begins a protest movement


Ballot-box-stuffing secret agents?

Col. Sheena Johnson & her side-kick Mysterious Mamoodia

Two archers extraordinaire take articulate aim

From Capt’n Fiddler’s Sufi Bubble floating above Afghanistan


Hafiz Qari and Yousef Ahmadi

Stuff ballot boxes merrily in a tiny village

Lost in the outermost dusty districts of Afghanistan

In a village of 40 people 4000 votes for the runner-up materialize


Thunk!  Yousef’s eyes pop out

He’s got a sudden headache, a split-second later is knocked out

An arrow stuck in the top of his head

Special delivery from Mahmoodia of Pluckame


Capt’n Chuck Fiddler’s Afghaneeland Sufi Bubble

Takes extraordinary strides across Afghanistan’s pale blue

Arrows rain-down on ballot-box stuffers, they’re all knocked out

& a big bubble of miracle heads-out over the sea


Can an impossible bubble like this make a difference?

Maybe in a head or two somewhere & that is all

God only knows how the ripples from one pebble thrown in a pond

Spread & spread across the universe!


Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II



(Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2014)

The Weapons of Islam

slice one of sufi tale by greenviggen


We who are in Islam must remember that Allah is our only helper every second, every minute, every hour, every time of prayer.  Allah is our Ruler, the Ruler of Grace, the One who is Love, the Compassionate One, the One who calls us back to Him, the One who questions us, and the One who judges us.  His grace exists in all lives, concealed in a tiny piece of flesh within the innermost heart.  Just as the flesh of the tongue knows taste, just as the flesh of the nose perceives smell and the flesh of the ear hears sound and the flesh of the eye perceives light ~ like that, there is a tiny piece of flesh in the heart which worships Allah, looks at Him, hears Him, and prays to Him.

This is the throne of the true believer.  This is where Allah dwells.  This is His throne within the innermost heart, from which He rules and dispenses justice…




My brothers, you must quench the thirst of all lives.  You must try to heal the sufferings of the world.  This is the mercy and compassion of all the universes, the wealth that has been given to mankind, and we who have faith must strive to offer it to all.  We should not carry a sword in our hands; we should hold patience in our hearts.  We should not arm ourselves with guns; we should be armed with contentment.  We should not put our trust in battles; we should have trust in God.  We should not cling to the world; we should cling to the praise of God.  These are the true weapons of Islam…




The Prophet had no warlike qualities.  He had only the qualities of patience, contentment, trust in God, and praise of God.  If those qualities are reestablished in each heart, if they flourish and grow there, then Islam will become a vast, protective canopy for the world.

If everyone in the community of Islam understood this and tried to establish peace, tolerance, and patience, that alone would bring peace to the world.  The weapons of peace and tranquility will grant us victory no matter what enmity, what hostility, threatens us.  We must realize this, my brothers in Islam.  If we do, we will triumph in all three worlds, in the primal beginning, this world, and the hereafter.

In the name of Allah and His Messenger, I beg you to forgive me if anything I have said is wrong.  Please forgive me if I have made any mistakes.  I am only telling you what came to my heart.  I am only telling you what I understand in my innermost heart…




from the book

Islam & World Peace ~ Explanations Of A Sufi

by Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen




A Sufi Tale

by GreenViggen





The Great Horned Toad


Save A Sufi ~ Save Yourself !


We must realize that the human society is one.  We are all the children of Adam, and there is only one God and one prayer.  The Bible, the Hindu Puranas, the Zend-Avesta, the Torah, and the Qur’an ~ all these scriptures contain the words of grace given by God to the prophets.  That grace is light.  If you look at these scriptures on the outside you will see only a book, nothing more.  If you look inside the cover, you will find pages, letters, words, sentences, and stories.  But if you look deep within, you will find Allah, the words of Allah, the duties of the prophets, the commandments, the power, and the light…

U.S. Army Nuristan

We must know our story, God’s story.  We must know His power, His vibration, His truth and peacefulness.  Separations and differences are the faults within us that destroy our unity and peace.  If we understand this, we will find peace in God’s kingdom, in life, and in the family of mankind.  Then we can truly understand the scriptures of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  They all contain the truth.  But desire and the monkey mind have no truth, and when we look through those eyes, with the thoughts of ‘our book’ and ‘our sect’, we see only differences…

old architicture afghanistan

Some people accepted Allah, but others did not.  The kingdoms where Allah was not accepted were destroyed by fire, by water, by hurricane, by battle, and by the arrogance and pride of the people.  Destruction came and lands were covered by oceans, cities became jungles, and villages became cemeteries.  But every place which accepted Allah was under His safekeeping and became the kingdom of God, the kingdom of perfect faith…

afghan woman & u.s. soldiers

We must say, “All praise to God,” for everything we receive in our lives, whether it be a great feast or a glass of water, immense wealth or dire poverty.  To praise Allah at each moment, no matter what happens, is Islam…

red white blue burqa

If you see someone else as your enemy

it is your own reflection

that you are seeing…

blue burka ghost & wanna-be tank

Hatred cannot be overcome by hatred, nor anger by anger.  Anger is fire, and God created the jinns and their leader, satan, out of that fire.  Because of his hatred and anger, satan was hurled from heaven into this world of hell.  Anyone who has that anger in him is a satan.  If we are angry, we will see anger in others, but if we overcome satan’s anger in ourselves, we will not see it in anyone else…


It is our own satanic qualities that must be overcome with inner patience, contentment, trust in God, and giving all praise to God.  However, if instead we nourish these evil qualities, then Allah will throw us away from Himself.  Just as He cast off satan, He will throw us out of heaven…

afghan woman in sand-storm

…into hell.

horned-toad bonze prescott az lib



The Great Horned Toad


Text from Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen’s book:

Islam & World Peace ~ Explanations Of A Sufi


Sufism returns to Afghanistan

sufi mufi


By Dawood Azami

BBC World Service bureau editor, Kabul

4 years ago


As the Afghan government and its international allies intensify efforts to bring the conflict to an end, the role and influence of mystics is being sought to help bring the Taliban into talks on a political solution.

Sufism or Islamic mysticism was once suppressed by the Taliban, but the sect is recovering its place in the country and its millions of followers are once more emerging from the shadows.

Sufis have considerable influence in both rural and urban settings – they are an effective popular force to bring change into society – and people consider them as disinterested mediators in disputes.

”The influence of Sufis will be very significant in bringing peace and tranquillity,” says Sayed Mahmood Gailani, a Sufi master.

”There are a few people with Sufi backgrounds who are involved in the peace process. But there hasn’t been any concerted effort to give the Sufis a systematic and prominent role in it.”

Sufism in Afghanistan is considered an integral part of Islam. People in general respect Sufis for their learning and believe they possess “karamat” – a miraculous spiritual power that enables Sufi masters to perform acts of generosity and bestow blessings.

Ziyarats – Sufi shrines – are popular pilgrimage sites all over the country.

In addition to Afghanistan, Sufi orders have millions of followers in both Pakistan and India too.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the following armed resistance by the mujahideen resulted in the arrival of thousands of Middle Eastern fighters and the introduction of foreign ideologies including Wahabism.

Wahabism insists on a literal interpretation of Islam and sees Sufism and its ideas as anathema. This created tension between Sufis and Ulamas (religious scholars) in some parts of the country.

But it was during the Taliban’s rule (1996-2001) when many Sufis were driven underground.

A number were initially part of the Taliban movement but gradually people influenced by the Wahabi ideology became more prominent. Sufis were silenced.

Some Sufis, especially members of the Chishtiyya Sufi Order which considers music to be an effective route to reach Allah, were prosecuted.

“The Taliban invaded Sufi gatherings, humiliated and beat up many of them and their musical instruments were smashed,” said Afghan Culture Minister Sayed Makhdoom Rahin, who has a Sufi background.

”Sufis are free to hold their ceremonies once again with the same old exuberance denied to them by the Taliban.”

‘Home of Saints’

Given the respect and influence Sufis enjoy among the local population, their involvement at the grass roots level could help the peace process in war-torn Afghanistan.

Although Taliban members come from various backgrounds, some have great respect for Sufis and are even followers of Sufism.

“Influential and knowledgeable Sufis can persuade a large number of Taliban to lay down their arms and can also provide guarantees to the Taliban about their safety and peaceful future,” a Sufi leader, Ahmad Shah Maududi, said.

”But we need to be careful and vigilant because many so-called Sufis have exploited and fooled ordinary people in the garb of Sufism.”

Sufism has been part of Afghanistan almost as long as Islam itself – more than 1,300 years. Afghanistan is commonly called “the home of Sufi saints”. The mystics have been an integral part of the life of the people for centuries.

The word Sufism is derived from “suf”, the Arabic wood for wool, and refers to woollen robes worn by early ascetics.

Sufis seek to achieve communion with God during mystic moments of union brought about by various methods, including meditation, Zikr (reciting the names of God and other sacred phrases), dancing, hymn singing, music and physical gyrations.

Sufis maintain that human beings are creatures of Allah and they should be served and respected.

”Tolerance, kindness and love to all and malice towards none are the virtues of Sufis,” says Maulana Obaidullah Nahrkarizi, a prominent Afghan Sufi master from Kandahar province.

”This is the solution to the nation’s trauma and battle of the past 30 years”.

Many Afghan cities are among the most important centres of Sufism. Herat is called “the soil of Sufi saints” while Ghazni is known as “the place of Sufi saints”.

Some of the greatest Sufi sages of the Muslim world originated from Afghanistan. They refined their insights in the country’s lush plains and hidden valleys – and spread their message of peace and love to other parts of the world.

The intensely personal poetry of Sufis has been expressed in Dari, Persian and Pashto, the main languages spoken in Afghanistan.

There are several prominent Sufis in contemporary Afghanistan including Ali Hujwiri, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti and Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi – founder of the famous Mawlawiya (the Order of Whirling Dervishes).

Another famous Sufi is Pir Roshan, the founder of the Roshaniya Sufi Order, now known as Arzan Shahi – which has a big following in India.

Three Sufi orders are prominent in Afghanistan today – Naqshbandiya founded in Bokhara (Uzbekistan), Qadiriya founded in Baghdad and Chishtiya originated at Chisht-e-Sharif in the western province of Herat.

Their continued growth is arguably a major bonus in Afghanistan’s continuing search for peace.


BBC News South Asia


Happy Holidays




Mary & The Babe

Mary & Jesus


3 kings by tissot

Three Kings






I Love Rena


“How can a man who carries a water bag full of holes hope to quench the thirst of others?”

“To understand this and to establish peace, man must first change the thoughts and qualities within himself.  He must change his qualities of selfishness and avarice, his desire for praise, and his love for earth, sensual pleasures, and gold.  He must stop thinking, ‘My family!  My wife!  My children!  I must rule the world!  I must advance my position in life!’  When a man has all these selfish ideas, how can he possibly create peace for others?”

“We must use God’s power to avert the dangers and disasters that threaten mankind.  If we can live with compassion and justice, then the laws of truth will govern, unity will live on, patience will be eternal, and compassion will never fail.  Mankind must think of this.  All of us must join together and bring peace to the Holy City.”

M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen


Explanations of a Sufi



Artwork by James J. Tissot






! Beloved Ones !






Holy War

For man to raise his sword against man, for man to kill man, is not holy war.  True holy war is to praise God and to cut away the enemies of truth within our own hearts.  We must cast out all that is evil within us, all that opposes God.  This is the war that we must fight.



Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen


from his book

Islam & World Peace

Explanations of a Sufi



My brethren, let me tell you a story so that you may better understand the meaning of jihad, or holy war.  When God formed Adam out of earth, He placed the great trust of the light of Nur Muhammad on Adam’s forehead and decreed that man would know things that the angels and other beings could never know.  The leader of the jinns was watching and listening.  He became filled with jealousy, pride, and vengeance, and these qualities changed him into satan.  At once he began to speak against God, boasting to Adam, “I am more exalted than you.  Allah said that He created you to be most exalted, but you are only made of earth.  I am made of fire.  If you bow down to me I will help you, but if you attempt to rise above me, then I will do many evil things to you and make you suffer greatly.”

Then that light on Adam’s forehead looked closely at satan, and when satan saw the radiance, there arose within him an even greater fear, jealousy, and vengeance.  Once again he sneered at Adam, “You are created out of mere earth, and yet you dare to look at me like this!  Because you were given a higher place than I was, I will create sorrow and suffering for you until the very end.”  Then satan spat on him, and the moment that spit landed on Adam, satan’s poisonous qualities entered him and spread throughout his entire body.  Those qualities became the darkness of the mind and the veils within the innermost heart.

Upon seeing what had happened, Allah commanded the Angel Gabriel to pinch out that spot of hell where satan’s spit had landed.  The hollow that remained became the navel.  Even though the spit itself was cleared away, some of the poison of those evil, envious qualities had already entered Adam and in that way were passed on to his descendents, causing all of mankind endless trouble.  Because of satan’s actions, Allah commanded that he and his followers be cast out of heaven.  Then he elevated Adam to the high position decreed for him.

This is a very great matter.  I have related only a small part of it to show you that the most important jihad, the holy war that each one of us must fight, is the war against these qualities.  Just as satan was thrown out of heaven because he opposed the Almighty, Unique One, we too must cast out all that is evil within us, everything that opposes God.  Those evil qualities of jealousy and vengeance are the qualities that ruin us and take us on the path to hell…


faded salome

Salome by Henno Drop