Col. Johnson & The Holy War



A holy war booms inside my mind

A jihad call to a platoon of infidel thoughts

Arrives like a missile in the night

Really being holy, delivers a benevolent light


A secret agent steps out of the smoke

He’s wearing a suit and tie and a lopsided grin

“It’s time to go,” he says to the colonel & me

“Your score is zero, you’re too damn free”


Col. Sheena Johnson smiles & says, “I know”

(She’s been too out-of-line for this road show)

The agent points to the ship, we step thru the door

As a bird flies around cawing “Nevermore!”


Some tales float skyward, others whither nearby

This one is detrimental to the war effort

So Sheena & me, we bow low & grand

And our ship floats away from Afghaneeland.



The Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II

from Rawclyde !


(Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2014)