Road Princess



Born & raised in the Ukraine, Lucretia graced my earliest blog, Rawclyde’s Code Room, June, 2011.  On that blog, Lucretia, the model, became Ruthie Root Beer, The Road Princess Of America, the most beautiful heroine in a short novel I penned years before and of which I self-published 100 copies, 1990.  Once I get these things written, I always lackadaisically fail to get them really published ~ like, say, by a New York publisher.  So, presently, this little gem is a free read here on the internet.  And I live quite adequately & happily on social security without being really published.  And Lucretia is still the best & most accurate representative of the road princess, as far as I am concerned.

Incidentally, The Road Princess & Eternity, is a little story about a go-go dancer lost in the Arizona outback in the early ’70s.  A feller who tells her that his name is Eternity, finds her out there out of her mind due to thirst, exposure, and a lack of sleep.  So, what do you suppose happens when you tell a young woman in such a situation that your name is Eternity?


The Road Princess And Eternity

a short novel





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