Resting in my tomb

plenty to read

a pretty good bed

& well fed


I’m not locked in

God has been

pretty good to me

handsome & free


And it’s pretty quiet

for a Friday night

nothing to do but pray

& thank the Almighty for today


It’s a pretty nice tomb

that I got

oh here comes Mr. Death

with very bad breath


Studying a distant war

has allowed the ghoul

from that distant shore

to open the door


But he’s out of place

sorry, ace

right behind ye comes

the goddess with a prettier face




Jesus don’t mind

Mary is fine

Joseph is too

& the other Mary’s love is true


My little tomb here

I mean after all

it’s such a delight

it’s got a reading light


But best of all

the wild goose call

is so silent tonight

& Goddess Presence is so bright


Tomb Raider 2


I’m surrounded

like by Indians

but it’s light instead

from outta my head


Is it a halo?

am I a saint?

not by a lonnnnnnng shot

but it’s all I got


And its all I need

I’ll just throw my last dime

over the balcony

& kiss your Goddess knee


Why shouldn’t I?

it’s the last chance I got

you’re so hot &

my hat on the bed is store bought


I really like this tomb

it’s a nice little room

in this chair a pile of bones

& there ain’t no telephones


Think I’ll shrink the TV

down to a little green pea

roll it under the door

& eerily whisper “nevermore”


Got a spittoon

made of purple glass

nex’ to my foot

everything’s so nicely put


Oh Afghanistan!

Oh Afghanistan!

your election is tomorrow

I pray it doesn’t bring you sorrow




goddess modeled by

The Tomb Raider


yours truly



Horn Dog



Would you like a

corn dog

with mustard?


Or a shorn dog

all that long fur

long gone?


Well, I’m a horn dog

cheap cologne, soiled hand-me-downs

hanging on old bones


And you, oh pretty woman, ring

in my ragged soul

one thousand telephones


Col. Sheena of Pluckame


How can I possbily


in front of your photo?




 Saint cupcake delight

your knee perfect & right

twirling this awkward bum




Around & around ’til my

latest ambition is to be your

blooming lily-fetching knight




But what do

I do



Col. Sheena Johnson of Pluckame


I steal a picture

nail it to the wall

above a narrow bed




Now a monk lights

a candle

in a quaint little room




A portrait of heaven

lifts up his prayers

out of the gloom




But these words with

wings aflutter

fly up to whom?




None other than The Goddess

smoothly afloat

above Earth’s tombs


goddess bait


Yours truly



Sail With Me!

sailwithme 2


O mind that wanders

through this momentary world,

the transcendental vessel of Goddess Tara

has cast anchor in the harbor.

Come swiftly if you wish to board the wondrous ship

that bears souls to the truth.


Sail Away 004


Untie the complex mental knots

that moor you to the mundane realm.

Unfurl the bright sail Tara, Tara, Tara.

Ply with vigor the oars of contemplation

if you wish to set sail

and cross the stormy ocean of delusion.




Stop purchasing cheap experiences

from the bazaar of habit and convention.

Cease this aimless browsing.

Your brief day of earthly life is almost over,

leaving you only the fleeting hours

of twilight and evening.

What more can you learn from bartering and bickering

in the marketplace of desire?




This avid voyager of the Mother sings:

“Courage!  Courage!  Be courageous!

Sail with me!  Sail with me!

Break free forever from imaginary bondage,

from selfish grasping, from separate individuality!”




poem by Lex Hixon

painting by Michael Parkes


Introducing Kali

kali blue

Laments the singer of this mystic hymn:

“Everyone will laugh at my attempt to swim the shoreless sea of her reality,

but my soul belongs to her and my heart delights in longing…”


Kali conventional

The Mother of the Universe is my queen

and I am subject only to her…


371_max (faded)


This useless poet laments:

“My commitment to tilling the ground of my being

is neither consistent or deep.

Yet how intensely I long, O Mother,

to taste your most intimate presence,

to merge my soul with the radiance

of your dark blue wisdom feet!”



This desperate poet prays:

“O Mother of the Universe,

please sever with your brilliant sword of wisdom

the bonds of egocentric thought and action,

and allow my soul’s light to rise

through the crown of my head,

the gateway to total illumination…”


Timswit's Kali


Her playful poet sings:

“Fearlessly celebrating the beauty of Ma Kali,

I throw the dust of pure devotion

into the eyes of Death

and easily elude its clumsy grasp…”

indian-army (faded)

Kali & likely the soldier pictured here are Hindu, India


quotes from

Mother of the Universe

Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightment

by Lex Hixon