The New Cartoon Afghaneeland


by Rawclyde!


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Afghaneeland psychonaut reporting, sir!

Yes, the vehicle is ready, we’re on our way

Yes, we’re afloat but it’s not a boat or a plane

I believe it’s a bubble of some kind in my mind…


wrinkled flag


The crew, a bunch of schoolyard girls, is hand picked

Grown-up now, wearing guns instead of pantaloons

I love them until they talk & then I groan

Click the switch!  Left rudder!  Take off that flag!




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Smooth sailing now, a crisp delight, horizon filled

There it is, we’re there now, sinking into the quick-sand

Of a cross-eyed,  tongue-tied, bitter bitter land

Ahh, partners now, grinding hard, Afghanistan!




Watch out, boom, I’ve lost a leg, my eye is gone

We haven’t been here five minutes yet & I’m a vet

Ahhh, my crew, they stay cheerful, they massage my nose

The luckiest man on the planet asleep in 2 dozen foxholes…




My tongue is loose, my cock a goose, the night doesn’t end

One eye won’t shut, the medic salts the other one

Cuts it up & feeds it to the villagers at the gate

Who complain about everything but it is only fate…


taliban fashion statement

The Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II


(Text: Copyright Clyde Collins 2013)



Our House Republicans



So you shutdown the government

while we’re still at war

a congressman, a Republican, with more

manure on your face than a barn floor


Your excuse is worse than hate

to kill healthcare for the poor

my God, man, step out the door

your stench overwhelms forevermore


We’re not yet out of Afghanistan

you bite the Commander-in-Chief’s hand

like a snake in the forbidden land

of fork-tongue treason bloody-beach sand


You blame everybody but yourself

stealing bare the grocery-store shelf

in every neighborhood but your own

you’re too foul to be a dog bone


And you actually think you’re winning?

a premature fat-headed  boaster

you’re winning nothing but

the backseat in a broken roller-coaster


You threaten to wreck the economy

to cause so much pain and rain you’re insane

you shoulda been aborted before being born

you’re not American, you’re just a butt thorn




32 House Republicans Who ARE The Government Shutdown: