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The supreme purpose of Old Timer Chronicle (volume 2) is to inform the kind & generous reader & myself of the progress or otherwise of the Afghanistan War…

a balling out

Come November 2014, a “smooth” exit from Afghanistan will be highly regarded by this American Citizen.  So I search & report…

Jim C

Also, I mess around a little bit because, being a “creative writer,” I just can’t help it.



(Images on this page courtesy of Walt Disney)

8 thoughts on “Purpose

    • Now I’m wondering too. I never thought about it. It’s a pen name ~ like Mark Twain ~ when Samuel Clemens didn’t want his real name on something like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn…

      I always liked the song Rawhide, usually sung by Frankie Lane, for the old TV western of the same name. So, years ago, I slipped my first name “Clyde” in there instead of “hide” and now its following me around like mooing cattle on a train…

      Thank you for bothering to ask, Purnimodo. Wait a moment. Purnimodo? What, may I ask, is the meaning of Purnimodo? Is that Dutch for, say, wise and faithful? Or what? Does it by any chance have anything to do with an old gypsy song or a blue skull?

    • Thank you, Eve. It seems the more attention we give these images, the more alive they become…

      In this particular instance, I exploit the “puppet” metaphor of which the terrible Taliban are so fond…

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