The Mausoleum


Benasir B

Benazir Bhutto

1953 ~ 2007


Prime Minister of Pakistan

1988 ~ 1990

1993 ~ 1996


The next door neighbor of Afghanistan


That has exasperated so much havoc there


Where spiritualities break through & annihilate falsehoods eternally!



Wrong Enemy


Carlotta Gall


(some excerpts)


Pakistan’s first female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, was preparing to fly home from ten years in exile in the fall of 2007.  She had forged a deal with Musharraf that envisaged him resigning as army chief but staying on as a civilian president while she served as prime minister.  Kayani, who helped negotiate the deal, would take over from Musharraf as army chief…

Ahead of her return, Bhutto showed her mettle.  She spoke out more than any other Pakistani politician about the dangers of militant extremism.  She blamed foreign militants for annexing part of Pakistan’s territory, and called for military operations into North and South Waziristan.  She supported Musharraf’s action against the militants in the Red Mosque, and she declared suicide bombing un-Islamic.  She seemed to be challenging any suicide bomber that thought of targeting her.  “I do not believe that any true Muslim will make an attack on me because Islam forbids attacks on women, and Muslims know that if they attack a woman they will burn in hell,” she said in Dubai on the eve of her return.  “Secondly, Islam forbids suicide bombing.”  Religious leaders had been killed for making that sort of declaration in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and usually politicians avoided offering such overt challenges.  She also promised greater cooperation with Afghanistan and the United States in combating terrorism, and even suggested in an interview that she would give American officials access to the man behind Pakistan’s program of nuclear proliferation, A. Q. Khan.  Such promises would have alarmed many in the military establishment.

Butto was taking on two battles in returning to Pakistan, one against extremist Islamism, the other against the military dictatorship in Pakistan.  Her opposition to the military went much deeper than the persona of General Musharraf.  Bhutto’s own father, Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, had been overthrown and executed by General Zia-ul-Haq in 1979, and she had been imprisoned.  In later years, she blamed the military for the murder of her two brothers, and Musharraf for the imprisonment of her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, on corruption charges.  Many in the military despised the political class in Pakistan, in particular the socialist Pakistan People’s Party and its leaders, the Bhutto family, whom they often criticized as feudalistic, corrupt, and careless of Pakistan’s strategic interests …


On October 18, 2007, Bhutto flew into Karachi.  I (Carlotta Gall) was one of a crowd of journalists traveling with her.  She wore religious amulets on her arm and round her neck, and offered prayers as she stepped onto Pakistani soil.  She was trusting in God…


December 27, she attended the rally in Liaquat Bagh.  As her motorcade left the park, it slowed so she could greet supporters in the street.  From the crowd a suicide bomber fired a pistol at her, and then detonated his vest of explosives.  Bhutto was standing in the roof opening of an armored SUV.  She ducked into the car at the sound of the gunfire but not in time.  The power of the blast threw the car forward, slamming the hatch opening into the back of her head with lethal force.  Bhutto slumped down into the car, mortally wounded, and fell into the lap of her confidante and constant chaperone, Naheed Khan…


As Bhutto had long warned, a conglomerate of opponents wanted her dead, and were all linked in some way.  They were the same forces behind the insurgency in Afghanistan:  Taliban and Pakistani militant groups, al Qaeda, and the Pakistan military establishment, which included top generals Musharraf and Kayani.  A United Nations Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances of Bhutto’s death found each group had a motive and merited investigation.

Pakistani prosecutors later indicted Musharraf for being part of the wider conspiracy to remove Bhutto from the political scene…


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