episode 15



by rawclyde !


God organizes His forces

Bolts of lightning spruce-up the sky

There is much attention to detail

On a minuscule planet among planets


Afghan village after allied bombing


Love doves & bleary-eyed mules

Gather ’round the holy-war warriors who are

Full of bullet-flattering burro shit

Killing God’s children & reaping heavenly reward


Afghanistan Reconstruction


Ah yes, we doves & mules gather around

We gots bullets & rockets & A-bombs too

If you wanna be a nuisance

Keep on killing like insects do


new mosque


What you need is a brain

Fueled-up for the wise adventure

And a heart that

Beats the real rhyme


Upfront w Christ


So “suddenly” turns into months

While the village sets-up voting polls

Votes for a president & rebuilds the mosque

Sheena & Habibullah are wed…



The Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II


(text copyright clyde collins 2014)


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