another district cleared of terrorists!

east afghanistan


afghanistan ministry of defense

nov 11 2019


After clearance of the Andkhoy and Qarghan districts, the Qaramqol district of Faryab province was also completely cleared from terrorists’ presence.

The National Defense and Security Forces in their operations have inflicted heavy casualties on the Taliban terrorists in this district and destroyed their fighting positions, hideouts, the depot of weapons & ammunition.

In the meantime, with the entry of the ANDSF in Qaramqol district, the residents of this district welcomed the Security officials and Afghan Forces.

The people have expressed their satisfaction with the decisive action of the National Defense and Security Forces against the terrorists, and they also promise to support and cooperate with the Security Forces in all arenas.

The ANDSF will not allow terrorists under no circumstances to make trouble for people living in Andkhoy quad districts.


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