over 50 insurgents left dead on ground



afghanistan times

october 25, 2019


KABUL: The Afghan security forces have cleared Darqad district of northern Takhar province from presence of the Taliban insurgents in a larger scale operation carried 16 days ago.

Ministry of Defense on Friday said the operation was launched on October 14 and early on Friday the district was completely cleared of terrorists.

“More than 50 Taliban rebels were killed and dozens of others were wounded during the operation, and the bodies of the insurgents remained on the ground after the clash,” the statement read.

However, the ministry did not provide further details about casualties of security forces.

The Taliban group have said nothing so far.

This comes as recently Afghan security forces cleared Dand-e-Ghori district of Baghlan province from the presence of Taliban insurgents with killing scores of the militants in an overnight operation.

Afghan forces conducted operations in Dand-e-Ghori, Dand-e Shahabuddin and Killagai in Baghalan province, in which dozens of Taliban militants, including the Taliban Intelligence in-charge for Tala-wa-Barfak district, Taliban military responsible for Baghalan and the Qari Bakhteyar replacement, Taliban shadow deputy governor for Baghalan were killed.

71 Taliban fighters, including Qari Ismatullah, Taliban Usher- Zakat (Charity collector) were arrested by Government Forces, the statement added.




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