khalilzad nation-hops on peace quest


news report

afghanistan times

october 21, 2019


KABUL: Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad and an interagency team, whose talks with Taliban halted despite nine round of discussions, is traveling to Belgium, France, and Russia and meet with the its leaderships on ending Afghanistan’s war.

In Brussels and Paris, ambassador Khalilzad will meet with likeminded partners including the EU, NATO, and UN to review how best to support accelerated efforts to reach peace in Afghanistan, the US State Department said on Monday.

In Moscow, ambassador Khalilzad will meet with Russian and Chinese counterparts to discuss shared interests in seeing the war in Afghanistan come to an end, the statement added.

Khalilzad, a veteran US diplomat who was born in Afghanistan, led a year of talks with the Taliban to seek a deal that would see the United States withdraw most of its troops and end its longest-ever war.

Trump said in September that he had invited Taliban leaders to meet but then withdrew the invitation and ended the talks after an attack killed a US soldier.



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