6,500 people killed/injured in 6 months


news report

afghanistan times

cctober 21, 2019


KABUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission says that 6,500 civilians were killed and injured in the past six months of Afghan year (March to September) in Afghanistan.

The commission on Monday released its new report, which says that 1,611 people were killed and 4,876 more wounded in this period of time. The report indicated an eight per cent increase comparing to the same period of time in last year.

Naeem Nazari, deputy head of the commission, said that 576 women and 634 children were among the dead and injured, adding that there was a 16 per cent increase in women and 26 per cent increase in children casualties comparing to the last year.

The report calls Taliban responsible for 75 per cent of civilian casualties, Daesh terrorist group for three per cent and pro-government forces for 11 per cent, while the remaining 10 per cent is asserted to unknown armed individuals and rockets fired from Pakistan.

It said that civilian casualties by Taliban increased 53 per cent, while casualties by pro-government troops had a 54 per cent increase.

The human rights commission called on the war parties to avoid civilian casualties and observe the international humanitarian laws.

Earlier, the UN office in Afghanistan said that civilian casualties increased in the past three months in Afghanistan.




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