afghan forces evict taliban


asia & pacific news

source: xinhua; editor: li xia

october 12, 2019


KUNDUZ, Afghanistan, Oct. 12 — Afghan security forces evicted Taliban militants and retook control of a district in the country’s northern Kunduz province on Saturday, a local official said.

“The Afghan National Army waged an operation at 1:30 a.m. local time Saturday in Archi district, driving out Taliban from the district center,” district chief Nasruddin Nazari told Xinhua.

At least 10 Taliban militants were killed and two security force members wounded during the operation and a search operation was underway on the outskirts of the district in the northeastern part of the province, according to Nazari.

Several Taliban defense positions and hideouts were also destroyed during the operation.

The district chief added that the rule of law has returned to the district as government offices and the local police station reopened after the raid.

“The operation also aimed at disrupting insurgents’ activities in Kunduz, 250 km north of Afghan capital, Kabul,” the official noted.

Taliban militants overran the district early last month.

The Afghan security forces have beefed up security operations against militants recently as the Taliban militants have been attempting to take territory and consolidate their positions in the countryside.

The militant group has not made comments on the report so far.



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