Number of Madrasas Rising


Written by Abdul Wali Arian

TOLO news

21 September 2015


A new study conducted by Afghanistan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) found that the number of unregistered Madrasas (religious schools) has dramatically increased in the country, an issue which according to AISS could lead to the promotion of radicalism and extremism.

306 people were interviewed at 50 unregistered Madrasas in ten provinces of Afghanistan with the main focus on suicide attacks.

Asked about suicide attacks, 75 percent of the respondents comprising teachers and students of the unregistered Madrasas termed the act of suicide as contrary to Islamic principles.

In a separate question when asked about Taliban, 60 percent of the respondents called Taliban puppets.

Research also indicates the links of the unregistered Madrasas with external sources.

“75 percent of respondents said suicide attacks weren’t legal under any circumstance while 80 percent of respondents announced suicide attacks against the Afghan national army and Afghan national police soldiers entirely un-Islamic,” AISS researcher, Mohammad Muhiq said.

Taliban external links and their cause has always been criticized. The research has also focused on the views of the religious students about the Taliban war.

“One of the fundamental questions is to find out whether there is sympathy with Taliban within these Madrasas or not. In response 60 of the teachers and students said that the Taliban were puppets,” Muhiq further stated.

“There are certain illegal Madrasas that promote extremism in those areas. The people believe that the government has no control on their educational curricula, funding resources and their links with foreign sources, this is why they could be detrimental” AISS researcher Abdul Ahad Mohammadi said.

Activities of illegal and unregistered Madrasas has always been a matter of concern among the people. Many believe that the nonexistence of a comprehensive monitoring system by the government could be one of the main aspects of promoting radicalism and extremism by these Madrasas, an issue that could pose serious threats to the security of Afghanistan.



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