And Some Go For Peace


by Qutbuddin Kohi

Pajhwok News

Aug 22, 2015


“My conscience does not anymore allow me to continue fighting that’s why I along with my colleagues have decided to join peace process and shun violence,” the group leader of 35 militants Mullah Arif who formally joined the government-initiated peace process in northeastern Faryab province said.

Arif told Pajhwok Afghan News he was motivated by 1st vice-president Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum who came to Faryab to encourage militants to shun insurgency and take part in nation and country’s building.

Atif who fought three years against the government acknowledged he was not feeling inner satisfaction while fighting Afghan forces.

Massoud Ahmad Massoud, deputy head of Islamic Movement Party, said that 35 militants along with their weapons while 20 others without weapons from Kaftar Khana and Khwaja Gawhar areas of Qaisar district joined peace process.

Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum last week said that around 1,000 militants in Dawlatabad, Pashtoon Kot, Almar, Qaisar and Ghormach districts had plan to surrender weapons and join peace process.

Taliban, however, did not comment on the development in Faryab.



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