Taliban Not Too Popular in Kabul


by Ghanizada

Khamma Press

Sep 06 2014


According to reports, a former Afghan lawmaker was beaten by an angry mob for supporting Taliban militants during Friday prayers.

Haji Farid was reportedly beaten after he called Taliban militants ‘Angels of Peace’ during Friday prayers in Pul-e-Kheshti mosque of Kabul city.

He was rescued after police forces interfered to disperse the angry mob. There are no reports regarding his health condition.

Reports suggest that Haji Farid was one of the main supporters of the Taliban group while he was serving as member of parliament in the past.

He was also one of the main opponents of bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington which was endorsed by majority during the consultative Loya Jirga last year.

This is the first time an Afghan lawmaker has been beaten by mob for supporting the Taliban group in capital Kabul.

A Mullah Imam of a mosque was also beaten by people in eastern Kapisa province of Afghanistan after he supported Taliban militants during Eid prayers.





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