Hundreds Of Taliban South Of Kabul


Gandhara News

based on reporting by Reuters & dpa

August 19, 2014


Some 700 Taliban fighters are reportedly involved in fighting with Afghan government forces in the Logar Province, south of Kabul.

The governor of Logar, Niaz Mohammad Amiri, on August 19 cited the figure of 700 Taliban and said the militants appear ready for a long siege in the province.
Logar Province police chief Abdul Hakim Esaaqzai said the Taliban fighters were armed with heavy machine guns and were attacking in the Charkh district.

Charkh council chief Abdul Wali said some 20 Taliban militants had been killed in fighting in the district so far. 

Wali said hundreds of Taliban fighters attacked checkpoints in the district late during the evening of August 18 and continued fighting with security forces through August 19.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed the group was attacking on Logar.


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