Pakistan Denies Assisting Kabul Attacks


Xinua News



ISLAMABAD, March 31 (Xinhua) — Pakistan on Monday dismissed allegations that the country was behind recent attacks in Kabul ahead of the Afghan presidential elections on April 5.

Afghan officials alleged that Pakistani security agencies were involved in the March 20 attack on a five-star hotel in Kabul leaving nine people dead.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also accused Pakistan of ” blocking” reconciliation with the Afghan Taliban.

“We have seen with deep regret and disappointment the statements by senior Afghan officials’ continuing allegations of Pakistan’s involvement in terrorist incidents in Afghanistan and “impeding” efforts for talks between Taliban and the High Peace Council. We have rejected such allegations earlier and we do so again,” a Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

Afghan Taliban had claimed responsibility for the Serena Hotel attack and two other attacks on the election office in Kabul.

The Taliban announced they would disrupt the upcoming elections and instructed their fighters to target all election-linked people and polling centers.

“Continuation of this blame-game not only vitiates the environment of bilateral relations but also undermines our sincere efforts to rebuild trust and understanding,” the spokeswoman said.

She reiterated that Pakistan remained committed to supporting all efforts for a free and fair electoral process in Afghanistan.

“Safe and peaceful conduct of the Afghan elections is in Pakistan’s best interest, as it would strengthen the prospects of stability in Afghanistan. Similarly, Pakistan’s support and facilitation of an inclusive Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process remains sincere and steadfast.”

“Pakistan’s positive role in this context is internationally acknowledged and we are certain that attempts to misrepresent our position would not succeed.”

“We hope that Pakistan’s earnest desire and continuous efforts for close cooperative relations with Afghanistan would be duly reciprocated and a conducive environment would be maintained for the bilateral relationship to progress without any hindrance,” she said.



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