No Afghan Military Surplus For Pakistan



Afghanistan Express Daily Newspaper

April 01, 2014


WASHINGTON – Addressing concerns of the Karzai government, the Obama administration on Monday ruled out transferring the leftover military hardware from Afghanistan to Pakistan. “We note we have not and do not intend to transfer EDA (excess defence articles) from Afghanistan to any of its neighbouring countries, including Pakistan,” said the State Department deputy spokesperson, Marie Harf.

However, she said the US was currently reviewing Pakistan’s request for the worldwide available EDA pool. “To be clear, the United States has not refused Pakistan’s request,” she added. But no military hardware from Afghanistan would go to Pakistan. “The United States continues to assist Pakistan through many security cooperation programs to build partnership capacity, including through the provision of worldwide available EDA,” she said.

Excess Defense Articles or EDA may come from many places around the world where the designated Department of Defense implementing agency has excess equipment. “Much of this equipment is currently at depots in the continental United States. All EDA is provided as is, where is – meaning recipient countries are responsible for the transportation and any needed refurbishment costs for all EDA transfers,” she said…


5 thoughts on “No Afghan Military Surplus For Pakistan

    • Yes, I’ve been doing so ~ but I’ve also gotten a bit sloppy about it since somehow I got booted out of the forum some months back. It was either technical or political ~ possibly the NSA (National Security of America) ~ which, if so, is taken with a grain of salt, since their job, after all, is protecting U.S. citizens. For all I know, they’re protecting me from Al Qaeda…

      • oh i see, that’s a long story! would like to hear from u on a social networking site. If u get time, do check my blog’s “contact me” panel..all the best in life , n with wordpress 🙂

        • Thank you! I’ve been a bit shy of social networking sites. Until I make such a leap perhaps we can communicate via literary symbolism right here on word-press, say, like ‘tween Helena Blavatsky & Mahatma Gandhi… Please pardon me. I don’t mean to get so screwy…

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