Afghan forces lob a few back at Pakistan


Xinhua News



ISLAMABAD, March 29 (Xinhua) — Pakistani security officials said that Afghan forces fired six mortars into Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region on Saturday but no casualties had been reported.

The mortars from an Afghan National Army post landed near a post of security forces at Ghulam Khan, a small border town in North Waziristan, military sources said.

It is the second incident of mortars firing from the Afghan side of the border this month.

Pakistan’s military said earlier this month that Afghan security forces fired more than two dozen mortars into the Pakistani territory.

Pakistan and Afghanistan, which share a common border of 2,500 km, routinely accuse each other of border violations.

Kabul often alleges Pakistan fires rockets into Kunar province in northeastern Afghanistan. Pakistan denies the charges and says its forces target the Pakistani militants who have taken shelter in the border regions and routinely launch attacks on Pakistani posts.

Kabul also alleges that the Afghan Taliban have taken shelter in Pakistan.

The incident on Saturday occurred at a time when tensions have once again escalated between Pakistan and Afghanistan following a series of recent Taliban attacks in Kabul.

Afghan officials claimed that attacks ahead of the crucial elections in Afghanistan are planned in Pakistan. The charges were denied by Pakistan.


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