Sail With Me!

sailwithme 2


O mind that wanders

through this momentary world,

the transcendental vessel of Goddess Tara

has cast anchor in the harbor.

Come swiftly if you wish to board the wondrous ship

that bears souls to the truth.


Sail Away 004


Untie the complex mental knots

that moor you to the mundane realm.

Unfurl the bright sail Tara, Tara, Tara.

Ply with vigor the oars of contemplation

if you wish to set sail

and cross the stormy ocean of delusion.




Stop purchasing cheap experiences

from the bazaar of habit and convention.

Cease this aimless browsing.

Your brief day of earthly life is almost over,

leaving you only the fleeting hours

of twilight and evening.

What more can you learn from bartering and bickering

in the marketplace of desire?




This avid voyager of the Mother sings:

“Courage!  Courage!  Be courageous!

Sail with me!  Sail with me!

Break free forever from imaginary bondage,

from selfish grasping, from separate individuality!”




poem by Lex Hixon

painting by Michael Parkes


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