Afghan Forces Launch Assaults


The Afghanistan Express Daily Newspaper

March 31, 2014


KABUL – The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) released a statement on Monday saying that 36 insurgents were killed, 17 injured and 14 others arrested over the course of the past 24 hours during a series of coordinated nationwide operations conducted by Afghan forces.

The statement said the “Afghan National Police (ANP), Afghan National Army and the National Directorate for Security (NDS) conducted several joint anti-terrorism operations in Kunar, Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Sar-e-Pul, Jawzjan, Kandahar, Zabul, Wardak, Ghazni and Helmand provinces.”

The MoIA did not indicate how many, if any, casualties there were among the Afghan forces. “During these operations ANP discovered and confiscated light and heavy rounds of ammunition and IEDs,” the statement read. The series of operations over the course of the past day came as security and election officials make their final preparations for the upcoming presidential and provincial council elections this Saturday.

On Sunday, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the final list of polling centers expected to be open on Election Day. Although the number of centers to be closed is higher than previous estimates, officials suggested this precaution would help minimize the chances of electoral fraud.

Officials said 748 out of the total 6,770 available polling centers nationwide will be closed, a 352-center jump from the original estimate of 396 made by security officials in the spring of last year. However, the current figure makes up only 10 percent of all polling centers, a much smaller portion than was the case in the 2009 presidential election.

There are over 350,000 Afghan soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Foreign troops are due to leave by the end of 2014, after handing over full security responsibility to Afghan forces. (Tolonews)



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