Words & War

destroyed village in afghanistan


Words can be like bullets.  And bullets can be like words.  You might miss.  You might hit your target.  But a word is not a bullet.  And a bullet is not a word.  Bullets are made for killing.  Words are not.  Words are made to nick the heart.

Some people are old.  Some are young.  About half the people on our planet are women.  And the other half men.  If an old man & a young woman can talk to each other without screwing it up they’re doing pretty good.  I, myself, am an old man enthralled with wordcraft, not real familiar with bullets ~ engaged, involved, certainly superficially, probably not too deeply, but maybe, with a war on the other side of the planet.  It’s an intriguing semi-intellectual pursuit that can tug at an emotion or two now & then.  Words must be dished out, on occasion, with a grain of salt.  An unfortunate application of words can make a writer feel oh so wise and the next day feel oh so stupid.  Oh well.  And these damn words can make other people steaming mad or ~ or nothing at all.

Then there’s swimming pools with their shallow and deep ends, high boards and low boards on the deep ends.  I’ve never seen a diving board break.  Have you?  However, when very young I did some floundering in the deep end & could have drowned if somebody hadn’t pulled me out.  With words, when I begin to flounder in the deep end of a topic like war, please feel free, gentle & wise reader, to reach right in here & pull me out with a strategically placed “comment.”

War, I believe, is not pretty.  Peace is prettier.  A good looking woman is much easier to look at than some down & dirty war.  Wars are for avoiding & good for nothing.  Probably about 80-percent of the American people are in denial when it comes to the warring in Afghanistan in this year of 2014.  That’s most of the American people ~ yet our government by & for the people has been waging war way over there for 12 years.  Are the American people properly engaged in this often times ugly & tragic pursuit?  No.  Of course not.  We hate it.  Most Americans, I find, don’t like even talking about it.  When they do talk about it they’re likely to get extremely stupid.  Chances are they’ve never been to Afghanistan & sure as heaven & hell don’t understand that little war-torn nation about the size of ~ Texas?

Well.  Afghanistan and the United States have been mixing it up in one smoky relationship ~ hell-bent, fool-hardy, and full of crazed Taliban, brave villagers & urbanites, children, dubious elections, more Taliban & their rude friends, Al Qaeda leftovers, soldiers, courage, death, other nations, aid workers, a few more jobs, stolen money, endless debt, waste, and, I’ve read, the return of peace-loving Sufis back into the sunlight since the bully Taliban lost their job pretending to govern back in 2001.  And hopefully, we’re leaving.  Thirteen years is enough.  We’re getting a divorce.

Good bye, Afghanistan!

~ from Rawclyde!




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