Reply to Obama’s State of Union Speech


from the website of Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan


January 29, 2014

In his State of the Union Address to the American nation, President Obama reaffirmed his country’s commitment to a unified Afghanistan.

President Karzai welcomed these remarks, which indeed is a reaffirmation of Afghanistan’s long-standing position and called it in the good interest of the two countries’ bilateral relations. 

As any timeline for signing the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) was put aside in the address, the President called it positive and believes that the two countries can work together with patience and due diligence in helping Afghanistan’s peace process to start.

President Karzai urges that it is time now to put an end to the negative propaganda against Afghanistan.

The President stresses that it is peace that assures a country’s stability, progress and unity, and it is for this reason that Afghanistan considers the effective and public launch of the peace process as the key prerequisite for signing the BSA.



2 thoughts on “Reply to Obama’s State of Union Speech

    • Thank you very much.

      There’s some hullabaloo in the press presently about Karzai not signing the U.S./Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement. But here in the U.S. when this is discussed, which is rarely, even more rarely, if ever, is Karzai’s reason for not signing mentioned or examined.

      He wants a peace process with the Taliban instituted ~ as illustrated above in his statement ~ before we leave and before he’ll sign.

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