Save A Sufi ~ Save Yourself !


We must realize that the human society is one.  We are all the children of Adam, and there is only one God and one prayer.  The Bible, the Hindu Puranas, the Zend-Avesta, the Torah, and the Qur’an ~ all these scriptures contain the words of grace given by God to the prophets.  That grace is light.  If you look at these scriptures on the outside you will see only a book, nothing more.  If you look inside the cover, you will find pages, letters, words, sentences, and stories.  But if you look deep within, you will find Allah, the words of Allah, the duties of the prophets, the commandments, the power, and the light…

U.S. Army Nuristan

We must know our story, God’s story.  We must know His power, His vibration, His truth and peacefulness.  Separations and differences are the faults within us that destroy our unity and peace.  If we understand this, we will find peace in God’s kingdom, in life, and in the family of mankind.  Then we can truly understand the scriptures of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  They all contain the truth.  But desire and the monkey mind have no truth, and when we look through those eyes, with the thoughts of ‘our book’ and ‘our sect’, we see only differences…

old architicture afghanistan

Some people accepted Allah, but others did not.  The kingdoms where Allah was not accepted were destroyed by fire, by water, by hurricane, by battle, and by the arrogance and pride of the people.  Destruction came and lands were covered by oceans, cities became jungles, and villages became cemeteries.  But every place which accepted Allah was under His safekeeping and became the kingdom of God, the kingdom of perfect faith…

afghan woman & u.s. soldiers

We must say, “All praise to God,” for everything we receive in our lives, whether it be a great feast or a glass of water, immense wealth or dire poverty.  To praise Allah at each moment, no matter what happens, is Islam…

red white blue burqa

If you see someone else as your enemy

it is your own reflection

that you are seeing…

blue burka ghost & wanna-be tank

Hatred cannot be overcome by hatred, nor anger by anger.  Anger is fire, and God created the jinns and their leader, satan, out of that fire.  Because of his hatred and anger, satan was hurled from heaven into this world of hell.  Anyone who has that anger in him is a satan.  If we are angry, we will see anger in others, but if we overcome satan’s anger in ourselves, we will not see it in anyone else…


It is our own satanic qualities that must be overcome with inner patience, contentment, trust in God, and giving all praise to God.  However, if instead we nourish these evil qualities, then Allah will throw us away from Himself.  Just as He cast off satan, He will throw us out of heaven…

afghan woman in sand-storm

…into hell.

horned-toad bonze prescott az lib



The Great Horned Toad


Text from Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen’s book:

Islam & World Peace ~ Explanations Of A Sufi


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