Col. Sheena Johnson, US Army


by Rawclyde!


Back at headquarters, in uniform & behind her desk

The legendary Col. Sheena Johnson nurtures Camp Jitterbug

The only US Army outpost left in Nuristan Province

An outpost that hums along for no reason & that rarely rhymes


When I knock she says “Come in” so I do

“How’s the radio station?” asks young Col. Johnson

“Quite well,” I reply, “And so is Camp Jitterbug”

The colonel beams with pride & incomparable beauty


Speaking of which, I continue to yammer

“We’ve figured out why you never get hit by a bullet

When the Taliban see you they fall in love so they miss”

She laughs “All men are my slaves I can’t help it”


Godly swirls of purple in the pale blue sky

Provide a rapid prelude to another eerie night

Red joins-up for the final dash

Venus does not appear at the rim of the hilly silhouette…


Copyright Clyde Collins 2013


The Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II

Lee Ferguson's Sheena Cropped


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