The New Cartoon Afghaneeland


by Rawclyde!


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Afghaneeland psychonaut reporting, sir!

Yes, the vehicle is ready, we’re on our way

Yes, we’re afloat but it’s not a boat or a plane

I believe it’s a bubble of some kind in my mind…


wrinkled flag


The crew, a bunch of schoolyard girls, is hand picked

Grown-up now, wearing guns instead of pantaloons

I love them until they talk & then I groan

Click the switch!  Left rudder!  Take off that flag!




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Smooth sailing now, a crisp delight, horizon filled

There it is, we’re there now, sinking into the quick-sand

Of a cross-eyed,  tongue-tied, bitter bitter land

Ahh, partners now, grinding hard, Afghanistan!




Watch out, boom, I’ve lost a leg, my eye is gone

We haven’t been here five minutes yet & I’m a vet

Ahhh, my crew, they stay cheerful, they massage my nose

The luckiest man on the planet asleep in 2 dozen foxholes…




My tongue is loose, my cock a goose, the night doesn’t end

One eye won’t shut, the medic salts the other one

Cuts it up & feeds it to the villagers at the gate

Who complain about everything but it is only fate…


taliban fashion statement

The Afghaneeland Adventure Series | Old Timer Chronicle II


(Text: Copyright Clyde Collins 2013)


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