Taliban Anna Haunts The American Soul


I loaned her a book

on Afghanistan & now

she is

Taliban Anna


samantha_mumba 2


Steve gave her 40 dollars to

buy pizza & beer but

she bought

Taliban music instead


Since they locked-up the balconey

Steve has disappeared

I know where he went

Guantanamo Hell


And I know who sent him

it wasn’t God

it was

Taliban Anna!




She smiles like a

mountain lion dozing in

the sun while she hones

her legs for action




Everybody here believes

her smile is that of

a little girl hoarding candy

and that is all


But I know better than most

who she really is because

I’m the old man who

lives across the hall


She’s Taliban Anna

and beware

she has become the living

and terrible Jihad call!




She plays Taliban music

night & day as

loud as she wants

because I let her


I know better than to

get on the bad side

of Taliban Anna’s

field of blooming poppy flowers


The call of the wild is

cupcakes & kool-aid

compared to the howling

death chant of Taliban Anna


As it plays on her little

music box she occasionally trills

like a bird licking her wings

for this evening’s flight


I bury my daily routine deep

into the rhythmic beat

of Taliban Anna’s haunting

of the American soul…





Samantha Mumba


poem by Rawclyde!


(Text: Copyright Clyde Collins 2013)


2 thoughts on “Taliban Anna Haunts The American Soul

    • Thank you much, Dennis. I just visited your blog. I definitely haven’t been getting around enough…

      This poem’s “power,” I cannot help but muse, might be next to absolutely nothing without Samantha Mumba…

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